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Sep 22, 2017
Getting XML Directly from PostgreSQL
There was a discussion on our company Slack recently about databases and XML, and someone pointed out that PostgreSQL has some nice XML functions. I’m a Postgres fan and knew that it had some XML ...
Jun 16, 2015
Conquering With CLOBs
Introduction Today’s web-based applications can freely pass around large amounts of data formatted in XML and JSON. Businesses often want to hang on to and analyze even the most obscure pieces of information, either for ...
Mar 25, 2014
A Groovy Time with UPnP and WeMo
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a networking technology used to discover devices and services on a network.  Chances are, if you have any sort of device on your home network it is probably a ...
Nov 26, 2013
The Joy of Oracle XML type
This blog post could be summed up in one sentence. The Oracle XML type functions (e.g. updateXML, EXTRACT) can be applied to xml formatted data in any column type by using the XMLType() conversion function ...
Feb 5, 2013
Introducing Maprest: A Grails Plugin for Customized and Dynamic REST Services
Out of the box, Grails comes with some nice converters for XML and JSON, allowing your REST services to easily render in either of these formats. But these have their limitations. Take, for example, a ...