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Deploying Azure Functions with Tekton CI/CD
Tekton is a set of shared, open source components for building CI/CD systems and a part of the new Continuous Delivery Foundation. While still in early stages, there is significant investment in the project due ...
Migrating to an Event-Driven System
Unless you have been granted the golden ticket to greenfield development, there isn’t a hard and fast approach to migrating to an Event-Driven System. However, there are designs, technologies, best practices and approaches that will ...
Building a Scalable Terraform Project Framework
In this post I will be introducing a framework we have developed for managing Terraform projects, which helps us keep our code reusable and consistent across environments. This post assumes you are already familiar with ...
Aug 27, 2019
Using Directives in Scaled Apollo GraphQL
A bit ago I wrote about scaling an Apollo GraphQL Server using schema federation. Read that here. Directives are basically annotations that can be added to any line of a schema, which start up some ...
5 Things to Know Before Using Kafka Streams
The Kafka Streams API has been around since Apache Kafka v0.10 and as the adoption of Kafka booms, so does Kafka Streams. The Streams library enables developers to create distributed processing applications while avoiding most ...
Jul 31, 2019
Slimming Down Your Kafka Streams Data
So you’ve just put the finishing touches on your fancy new Kafka Streams application, and are going through your list of to-dos to prepare it for a move to a production environment.  Configuration? Check. Error ...
Fault Tolerant Distributed Tracing with Apache Kafka and Jaeger
Using Jaeger tracing, I’ve been able to answer an important question that nearly every Apache Kafka project that I’ve worked on posed: how is data flowing through my distributed system? I’ve started writing about this ...
Up and Running with AWS Glue
AWS Glue is a managed service that can really help simplify ETL work. In this blog I’m going to cover creating a crawler, creating an ETL job, and setting up a development endpoint. Since Glue ...
Jul 11, 2019
Scaling Apollo GraphQL
The newest versions of Apollo Server are introducing Apollo Gateway as a way of horizontal scaling using services. Up to this point, GraphQL Schemas were merged together into one big schema, called Schema Stitching, making ...
Jul 9, 2019
Building an iOS Chat Feature Without Hacks
The Problem Trying to build a chat feature in iOS is often overwhelming and requires solving several difficult problems. Under a time crunch, we often find ourselves going with the first solution we find that ...
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