Case Study
Accelerated Data Migration to AWS


Minneapolis-based Zipnosis is a white-label virtual care platform powering the virtual triage and visits of 51 large health systems and their patients across the country. They engaged Object Partners to build an AWS cloud platform and securely migrate their data to AWS from a managed service provider in the midst of a global pandemic.


When Covid-19 emerged and telehealth services were leveraged to reduce stress on hospital systems, Zipnosis condensed their migration plan timeline from six to three months. Zipnosis needed the platform architecture designed to satisfy HIPAA compliance, Hi-Trust certification, and SOC2 compliance; and they needed to migrate their legacy database seamlessly under the downtime constraint of service level agreements (SLAs). All while telehealth inquiries were increasing from 5,000 to 40,000 inquiries a minute.


In order to build a modern, infrastructure as code, HIPAA compliant, and Hi-Trust certified environment, OPI built the AWS platform using Terraform and Elastic Kubernetes Service. Tools were built to roll out the application envelope using serverless components, creating a HIPAA environment that could be rolled out at the push of a button. To efficiently migrate the data from the existing cloud hosted system to Amazon Aurora Postgres, Object Partners had to create a custom service. The data migration required a creative, secure and encrypted streaming-data solution that moved the data in two waves, ensuring compliance with SLAs.

Business Benefits

Zipnosis now manages their data in-house, so they have more flexibility—scaling up and down is much easier and more cost effective. Their infrastructure is secure, performant, and scalable, making their services more marketable to new customers. And the modern technologies they’ve implemented, like Kubernetes and Amazon EKS, make recruiting top talent much easier. Zipnosis is well-positioned for continued growth.

Why Object Partners

Object Partners was able to ramp up the team quickly, was able to come up with a unique, creative solution for data migration using streaming data that maintained Hi-Trust Certification and HIPAA compliance, and designed an AWS platform that provides a push button deployment of a HIPAA compliant, Hi-Trust compliant application envelope. The OPI team provided priceless guidance on critical decisions while leveling up employee skill sets on new technologies, so Zipnosis could accelerate this critical project during a once-in-a-lifetime global pandemic.