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collaborative culture, no bureaucracy, happy employees.
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You work with the best developers in the industry. Working with really talented people is the biggest benefit of working at Object Partners, ask anyone.
We foster a nurturing environment that encourages your career growth by investing in your professional development and supporting your career goals.
Work from OPI Day, events, meetups, training workshops, and Slack channels for everything from #iot and #kafka to #certifications and #basketball.
One of the best benefits packages in the industry. Health insurance. PTO. Profit-sharing. Professional development funding.
Supported employees make happy employees. In return, they keep creating resilient custom software solutions for our amazing clients.
We empower our employees to use their own judgement and make decisions based on what they think is right. “Just use your best judgement” is our mantra.
Object Partners
A great place to work and grow
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Time Off & 401k
Bonuses & Training

Healthcare Benefits

  • We take great care in providing a robust health insurance plan for our employees that includes dental and vision, and the option to participate in an HSA.

Billable hours bonuses

  • Everyone is a full-time salaried employee around here, which builds a sense of community. What’s better? You get paid if you have to put in a few long days once in a while. Or if you’re itching to get some more R&R in, just bank those extra hours right into your PTO account. Just think of those sunny warm days in Costa Rica while the rest of your buds are back in MN when it’s -30!

Health Insurance

  • The health insurance plan includes vision and dental, and an option to participate in an HSA.

Dental Insurance

  • OPI provides dental insurance for employees and their families through Delta Dental.

Disability Insurance

  • OPI offers both short-term and long-term disability coverage.

Life Insurance

  • OPI offers life insurance and AD&D coverage at $50,000 for each employee.

Vacation and Sick Time

  • Each employee receives 28 days of vacation.
  • Vacation/holiday hours accrual caps at 80 hours. Hours after that are paid out to the employee.


  • OPI sponsors a 401K plan administered through Empower.
  • OPI pays a profit sharing match to each employee employed on Dec 31.
  • The profit sharing match is equal to 3% of the employee’s gross compensation for that fiscal year.

Quarterly Events

  • We have tons of quarterly events, including various happy hours and social events and activities either at the office or off-site. Examples include an OPI beer club, an internal technology user group meeting, whirlyball, Twins games, board game night, etc.

OPI Issued Laptop

  • All OPI Consultants receive a development grade laptop (Macbook Pro if requested).

Cell Phone

  • OPI reimburses each employee $30 per month for their cell phone.

Free Parking Reimbursement

  • OPI reimburses employees for reasonable monthly parking costs while at a client where free parking is not available.

Tools of the Trade Reimbursement

  • There are certain ordinary expenditures, necessary to the day-to-day activity of employees which do not require specific approval for expensing. These, “Tools of the Trade” may be expensed and include ordinary hardware needs such as a mouse or keyboard, antivirus software, etc.

Profit Sharing Bonus

  • Each consultant is eligible for the annual profit sharing bonus.
  • The bonus is equal to 20% of net income before taxes for the quarter.

Billable Hours Bonus

  • When billable hours exceed the total available hours in a given pay period, a bonus is earned.
  • The bonus rate is calculated by taking the annual salary and dividing by 2080 hours.
  • Billable hours bonuses can be converted to PTO hours.

Employee Referrals

  • The reward for a successful employee referral is 1% of the referral’s gross revenues as long as both you and the referral remain OPI employees.

Sales Referrals

  • For each sales referral an employee provides, the employee will receive 1% of the gross revenue from the initial project that results from that introduction.

Training Budget

  • A $1000 training budget is allotted annually for each employee to use towards the training activities or items of their choice. The funds can be used for seminars, travel related to seminars, books, online courses, conference attendance, etc.

Community Driven Marketing and Education Hours

  • We give significant hours for our consultants to do tech talks, present at conferences and user groups, write blog posts, do white papers, create and give training classes, etc.
Technology & Development Team
Job Postings
Software Engineer – JVM
Chicago / Full Time
Data Engineer
Minneapolis / Full Time
Frontend Engineer
Minneapolis / Full Time
Platform Engineer
Minneapolis / Full Time
Senior Software Engineer – Microservices
Minneapolis / Full Time
Software Engineer – Android
Minneapolis / Full Time
Software Engineer – iOS
Minneapolis / Full Time
Frontend Engineer
Omaha / Full Time
Platform Engineer
Omaha / Full Time
Senior Software Engineer – Microservices
Omaha / Full Time
St. Louis
Senior Software Engineer – Microservices
St. Louis / Full Time
Data Engineer
St. Louis / Full Time