VP - Solution Delivery
Torey Lomenda
18 years at Object Partners
27 years of Technology Experience

Torey is a Chief Technologist at Object Partners Inc. specializing in Mobile & Enterprise technologies with over 19 years of professional experience. Most recently he has led a number of iOS-related projects, applying his expertise in building HTML5 and Native Objective-C & Swift-based apps for iOS (iPad/iPhone). He has led the development of various mission-critical applications and supports a pragmatic delivery approach using various agile methodologies. During his career he has gained expertise with iOS, Java/JEE ecosystem and its related open source (ie: Spring-related, Tomcat), Groovy/Grails, JavaScript & technologies (ExtJS, AngularJS) to deliver rich internet applications (RIAs), and various commercial technologies (ie: IBM/Tivoli, Oracle, Tibco).

Posts written by Torey
Taking a Native-Centric Approach to Hybrid Mobile App Development
Over the past year, I have been exploring Cordova/PhoneGap, React Native, and NativeScript for hybrid/cross platform mobile development with JavaScript. As part of this exploration, my key question was, “Can I access the power of […]
iOS User Interface Development Approaches
When it comes to developing UI components for iOS, it seems every week I am involved in a discussion or debate over best practices. The conformist side is following the “Apple Way” of using Xcode […]
Developing Private In-House Libraries with CocoaPods
For iOS/Mac development, CocoaPods (http://cocoapods.org/) is the dependency manager we use at Object Partners to discover and integrate a wide variety of open source libraries available online. Following the CocoaPods “podspec” is great for sharing […]
Converting an iOS Project to use ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)
Recently I went through the process of converting a few non-ARC projects and bringing them into the exciting world of ARC.  Before ARC was introduced for iOS 5 in 2011, the core Mobile Team here […]
Layout Managers for iOS Views
The purpose of this blog post is to demonstrate a different approach from the Springs and Struts or Auto Layout models for laying out views in an iOS application.  It is not meant to compare […]
Running and Debugging Grails Integration Tests In Eclipse
This is a follow on to Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development. Although not ideal Eclipse integration, by setting up a Run Configuration for your Grails project in Eclipse, you will be able to run […]
Eclipse Setup for Grails 1.1 Development
Overall I have enjoyed the development experience with Grails and I am excited about its future. I am a heavy Eclipse user so along with a number of folks in the community I have been […]
Presentation: Intro to Building Desktop-Style UIs: JavaScript on Grails by Torey Lomenda
Download Episode The demand for increased interactivity with today’s web applications has resulted in a need to bring the familiar UI features of the desktop to the Web. With the availability of mature 3rd party […]
Intro to Building Desktop-Style UIs: JavaScript on Grails
JavaScript is a nice fit on the Grails platform. This demo/presentation provides a side by side comparison of Ext JS and GrailsUI approaches to building feature rich web applications on Grails. Feel free to look […]