Principal Technologist
Matt Schroeder
5 years at Object Partners
11 years of Technology Experience

A wide range of professional experience and a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering have become the foundation that enables Matt to lead teams to the best solution for every problem.

Posts written by Matt
New Year’s Resolution: Spotless Code
As your team enters the new year fresh off of a “holiday reboot”, broaden your next retrospective to look at the previous year as a whole. What went well? Where did things fall short? What […]
Migrating to an Event-Driven System
Unless you have been granted the golden ticket to greenfield development, there isn’t a hard and fast approach to migrating to an Event-Driven System. However, there are designs, technologies, best practices and approaches that will […]
5 Things to Know Before Using Kafka Streams
The Kafka Streams API has been around since Apache Kafka v0.10 and as the adoption of Kafka booms, so does Kafka Streams. The Streams library enables developers to create distributed processing applications while avoiding most […]
Why Is Everyone Talking About Kafka?
Fending off buzzwords can feel like a full-time job, so having a reliable approach to assessing technologies is a critical piece of an engineer’s toolkit. With the rise of Kafka, more and more companies are […]
Building Resilient Kafka Consumers with Spring Retry
When building out applications around a Kafka cluster one of the most critical considerations is how failures are handled. Kafka does a nice job of decoupling systems but there are still many opportunities for things […]
Testing with Spring Kafka and MockSchemaRegistryClient
Spring Kafka provides a variety of testing utilities to make writing integration tests easier. Most notably, the @EmbeddedKafka annotation spins up an embedded broker (and zookeeper) available for tests. The address of the broker is set to […]
3 Kotlin Features to Improve Your Kafka Connect Development
Kafka Connect is the hub that connects your Kafka cluster to any other system. The framework aims to make it easy to pull data into Kafka as well as copy data out of Kafka. As […]
Configuring Kafka Topics with Spring Kafka
Here’s a common scenario, your engineering team decides to use Kafka and they start writing producers, consumers, connectors, streams, you name it. Before long, 6 engineers have manually created 20+ topics in the lower environment […]
Building a Kafka Connector with Gradle
Kafka is an exciting space and what I have been finding most exciting is the data streaming aspect of it. Kafka Connectors are the bookends to a powerful streaming engine that quickly transform and analyze […]
GraphQL in Spring Boot (Take Two)
When I wrote “Implement a GraphQL Endpoint in a Groovy App” this past July, I had yet to actually use GraphQL anywhere other than a pet project. Well, that has changed and so have my […]