Principal Technologist
Mike Plummer
7 years at Object Partners
13 years of Technology Experience

Mike is a full-stack developer with experience in the finance, government/defense, and healthcare IT industries. Working with Java, Groovy, Kotlin, React, and Angular, he builds custom solutions for clients while also translating his experience into training/mentoring opportunities. Over the years, work has taken him all over the country and even internationally, giving him a broad perspective on software development.
Mike earned his BS in Computer Engineering with a Computer Science minor from Iowa State, and his Master’s in Software Engineering from Penn State.

Posts written by Mike
Speed Up Spock Spring Tests
This article follows up some excellent info on testing Spring with Spock here and here. Developing with Spring and testing with Spock means you’re using two of the best tools available on the JVM today. […]
Migrate from react-loadable to React.Suspense
React apps using code splitting often use the excellent react-loadable library which handles detecting whether a code segment has been loaded and, if not, putting up a spinner or other “wait” indicator while that code […]
Taming Redux with Sagas
Redux by itself is pretty cut-and-dried: write some action creators, write some reducers, dispatch actions. Where it gets complicated is when you have to integrate that concept into a natural workflow where they can branch […]
Angular, React, or Vue JS: Which one is for me?
Any modern front-end developer will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the break-neck pace of new JavaScript frameworks; what was hot last week is almost certainly out of vogue by the […]
Intro to Reactive Web in Spring 5
One of the biggest features planned for Spring 5, planned for release later this year, is the new Reactive Web extensions. For a long time Spring has had support for asynchronous web requests by suspending […]
Ahead of Time Compilation with Angular
It’s hard enough getting your Grunts, Gulps, and Webpacks working with a complex Angular codebase, but is it really how you’re supposed to build your application for production? These days, every byte counts when your […]
Synchronizing Rest Service Schemas
We’ve all been there: Your app deploys to production and you discover that something has stopped working because the services you depend on have renamed a field. In a REST service there is no static […]
JUnit 5 with Spring Boot (plus Kotlin)
This summer the JUnit team released a beta version of the next iteration, version five. This newest version adds a ton of new features that will be a welcome relief for JVM developers who have […]
Graylog with Spring Boot: Open source log and event analysis
One of the most difficult things to do in any application is find a way to make use of the mountains of logs that are generated, especially in a Production environment. Over the years a […]
An Introduction to Kotlin
Kotlin is a relatively new language that keeps the good parts of Java while eliminating boilerplate and encouraging better Object Oriented programming style while still allowing a Functional paradigm. Best of all, it’s 100% Java-compatible […]