Sr. Consultant
Jeff Torson
7 years at Object Partners
16 years of Technology Experience

Jeff is a full stack developer with experience in the government/defense and finance industry. He has experience ranging from thick client Eclipse RCP programs to microservices using Spring Boot for data access and Elasticsearch. He enjoys learning about anything related to the IT field and has even managed Linux and Windows servers and setup deployment pipelines. He is a true believer in that if something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right the first time and fully unit/integration tested.

Posts written by Jeff
Using Bundled Webpack Instance with Gradle
In this post I’ll be explaining how to use React, Spring Boot, and Webpack to package all the javascript files together. As always, feel free to follow along or you can cheat and get the […]
Using Self Contained Node.js and npm instances with Gradle
Recently I was given the task to get a new project started from ground zero. This is the day I always dreaded since jumping into an existing project is easy but starting from scratch involves […]
Automatically JUnit Test DTO and Transfer Objects
When testing Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) or Transfer Objects you can go a few different routes.  If you’re a purist you would say that a unit test should only be written for code that matters.  I agree […]