VP - Technology
Jeff Sheets
11 years at Object Partners
24 years of Technology Experience

Jeff has developed Java, Groovy, Grails, and Javascript web apps for industries as varied as Defense, Energy, Weather, Insurance, and Telecom. He is a co-organizer of the Omaha Java Users Group. Jeff has worked on Grails projects since the Grails 1.3.x days, and has experience with production Groovy code as well as Spock tests and Gradle builds. His latest focus has been on AngularJS and Spring Boot applications using JHipster. Jeff also enjoys volunteering at local CoderDojo events to teach programming to our next generation.

Posts written by Jeff
Translate Create React App with React-Intl
The React ecosystem is good at many things, including being able to quickly spin-up a solid dev stack with Create React App. CRA provides a great core set of features (webpack, build scripts, jest tests, […]
Spock 1.2 Annotations for Spring Integration Testing
@SpringBean, @SpringSpy, and @UnwrapAopProxy are new annotations in Spock 1.2 that make it easier to inject mocks into the Spring context when doing Integration testing. These can greatly simplify your code from using a @TestConfiguration […]
Logical GWT client testing with Spock
GWT – Google Web Toolkit may not be as heavily used as it once was 5-10 years ago, though many enterprise teams and legacy projects are still using the technology. While we can easily use […]
Using MariaDB4j for a Spring Boot Embedded Database
MariaDB4j is an embedded Java wrapper for spinning up a MariaDB instance for local development or continuous integration testing purposes. Using an embedded (or in-memory) database is extremely beneficial when developing a Java application. Traditional […]
Guide to Creating Native Mobile Apps with Ionic2
Over the last few years I’ve had a little online side-project that I’ve always wanted to make into a native app. Mostly for fun and learning, but also to make it available without a network […]
Nebraska.Code() Conf Recap: Functional style!
This past weekend, I was able to attend and present at the 2015 Nebraska.Code() Conference in Lincoln, along with a few other Object Partners developers. With roughly 500 in attendance from presenters, to attendees, to sponsors, […]
Logging REST Exceptions with Spring
To enable logging for REST errors in Spring when using a ResponseEntityExceptionHandler just enable debug on ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver Without setting debug to true, your errors will still be handled perfectly but you will not receive any […]
Pooling Web Service Connections in Grails
Apache Commons Pool is a great tool to easily configure an object pool on the JVM. Having a pool of created objects helps when you need to reuse connection objects that are expensive to create […]
Simpler Stored Procedures with Groovy
Using Groovy almost makes calling Stored Procedures an enjoyable process. More like a less painful adventure. But since many large enterprises have thousands of stored procedures lying around, at least we can make calling them […]
Rollback Multiple Datasources in Grails Integration Tests
Grails GORM has solid support for using multiple datasources in both 1.3.x with the Datasources plugin, and 2.x with built-in multi-datasource support. This feature allows you to partition your Domain classes and Services to attach […]