Sr. Consultant
Jake Partusch
7 years at Object Partners
11 years of Technology Experience

Jake is a passionate web developer, a relentless tester, and a hobby hardware hacker. Jake has been a full-stack developer for over 4 years and has developed applications using Java, Spring, and AngularJS.

Posts written by Jake
Getting Started with Angular Universal
Overview Angular Universal builds on Angular‘s widespread adoption and support to provide server-side rendering and faster perceived performance to Angular applications. By pre-rendering an application at build time, or re-rendering at run time, web applications using Angular Universal […]
Tutorial: Creating an Angular 2.0 Todo App
Introduction With Angular 2.0 right around the corner, big changes are in store. If you would like to understand the differences between Angular 1 and Angular 2 check out this blog post! For the past […]
Angular 2 vs Angular 1
Angular 2: A brief history About a year ago, the Angular team made the decision to drastically change the tremendously popular AngularJS framework. Google and the Angular contributors sought to better the framework by reducing […]