Feb 4, 2013

News: OPI hires consultant Bruce Coddington

Object Partners announces the addition of consultant Bruce Coddington to their technology consulting staff. Bruce has been around long enough to love Hibernate and be severely bitten by it, fall in and out and back in love with dynamic languages, and write horrendous, then terrible, and finally not bad JavaScript. He is known locally for being a Grails and Groovy proponent that is constantly attempting to get his cohorts to understand how incredible the ecosystem really is. A couple of interesting tidbits: He was once the stage left guitar tech for 311 and his favorite movie is Die Hard. He is looking forward to meeting other self-proclaimed Grails nerds and wonders why everyone isn’t using Gradle already.

Bruce brings a laid-back demeanor, positive attitude, and jocular approach to technology and client challenges. He has a diverse background and a high level of leadership and technical abilities, all in which will suit him well for consulting. We continue to ramp up and increase our service offerings, and hiring people like Bruce only make it easier for us to continue to offer the high level of technical and project solutions we are known for. We’re pumped to add another rock star (this time a real rock star) to our consulting staff. Welcome Bruce!

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